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Seit 3.7.2023

Efficient rental deposits

The independent marketplace -
blocked accounts, guarantees and investments

Zinsli brings efficiency to rental deposits

Less effort for everyone.

Zinsli digitizes and simplifies all processes relating to rental deposit accounts. For landlords, tenants and for financial service providers. From opening an account to closing it. If desired, Zinsli also takes care of the account management and balance statements.

Zinsli explained in 3 minutes:

Selection of products

The landlord decides which products are permitted for rental deposits.

Invitation of the tenant

The landlord invites a tenant to manage the rental deposit via Zinsli.

Opening the rental deposit

The tenant accepts the invitation, selects a product and opens the rental deposit account.

Simple closing procedure

The landlord and the tenant agree on the distribution of the deposit. The financial service provider executes the payments based on this agreement.

Zinsli pays off.

Ready for the future?

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As a tenant, can I suggest to my landlord to use Zinsli?

Of course. Ideally, you do this right at the start of a new tenancy, when your landlord suggests a bank for your rental deposit. However, you can also switch to Zinsli during the term of the lease. However, since this means closing your existing account, the landlord has to agree with the change. We provide you with a template of a letter you can send your landlord.

Is Zinsli a bank? Where is my money?

No, Zinsli Finance AG is not a bank. We are a platform that provides landlord and tenant with various options for investing and managing rental deposits. The deposit is deposited directly with a financial partner. The money always flows directly from tenant to the financial partner and never via Zinsli.

How much does it cost to use the platform?

Nothing! Landlords and tenants can use the Zinsli platform free of charge.

There may be fees for the holders of the rental deposit account charged directly with the offer partners. That is, the tenants pay fees to the financial partners directly, depending on the product that they choose for their deposit.

Zinsli Finance AG, as the operator of Zinsli, charges a fee for the provision of its services to the providers that are affiliated with Zinsli. This serves to continuously optimize quality and performance and to maintain a high standard.

What investment products can I find on Zinsli?

As an independent platform, one of the aims of is to provide users with a marketplace with the widest possible choice of investment opportunities and financial partners. The offer includes the traditional blocked account from different providers, because the conditions vary even for this "standard product" between the providers. The selection of products is constantly being expanded and will eventually include funds from various financial partners (banks), and alternative investment options, such as precious metals.

The landlord decides which investment products are available to the tenants.

As a tenant, can I withdraw in gains on my account during the lease duration?

No, while the money is deposited as security, no withdrawals can be made from the account. This also means that any winnings will remain on the account and will not be paid out. As soon as the lease is terminated and the landlord has confirmed the deposit is not needed anymore, the tenant will have full access to the account balance again. For certain products it is possible for tenant to manage the account via Zinsli even after the termination of the lease. Thus, if desired, the account can be closed at favorable market conditions.